Frequently Asked Questions

Here we show a series of questions that our customers usually ask us about the repair process, requirements, maintenance and guarantee.

"Small to Medium Area Repair Technology” that originated in the states in 1990. The idea is to use specialist tools and materials to repair as small an area as possible. In using the latest materials and tools we are able to effectively repair parts that would otherwise have been replaced which means a substantial saving to you and the environment.

In today’s current environment the weather is one thing that can’t be relied on, it rains when it supposed to be dry and is sunny when it should be cold. With these varying weather conditions you can see why they might have an effect on the outcome of a mobile car body repair. The weather is the most important factor that must be monitored when carrying out car repairs in the open for if the weather turns for the worse the repair time can be dramatically increased as a result.

We try to reduce the possibility of delayed repair times by using a portable shelter (gazebo), its large enough to cover the majority of a standard car with room either side for heating equipment and other items related to the repair type. The only time we are not able to use this shelter would be if there is not enough room to erect it, very strong wind or when erect it cover another parking bay or is on a busy road, making it unsafe for our technicians.


Even with the portable shelter the finished repair can still be effected by weather later on in the day, for example the top coat of lacquer that we use is the best you can get for a mobile service, it takes 6 minutes to flash off and must be left for 24 hours without washing your car to fully cure, but if there is heavy rain or hail that puts continuous pressure on the area fixed it might damage the top coat of lacquer which takes up to 24 hours to fully cure. 

Even when the damage on your car has been fixed the paintwork will still be soft for a further 24 hours so care must be taken when parking and applying any pressure to the area fixed. One customer had a scuff on his bumper and when fixed by us decided to put his car back into the garage which was the right thing to do, but he had inadvertently parked the car right up against a cardboard box that had weights in, when he took the car out the next morning he found that where the cardboard had been pressed onto the bumper overnight it had left a print into the paint work that would not rub out and needed another smart repair to fix the problem.

Solvents are another factor that can affect the repair finish on fresh paint, for if used to clean the area or accidently dropped on to it can remove the lacquer from the area affected. Caution needs to be applied if you have had a repair near the petrol cap panel for petrol and diesels are solvents too.

Other than weather, solvents and pressure there is not much else that would affect the finish of the smart repair.

Of course that depends on the amount of damage. But we have a simple pricing system based on the number of panels with damage, with no 'extras' other than any parts required. As we repair, rather than replace parts where possible, costs are kept to a minimum

For significant damage, a bodyshop is the proper choice. But for minor accident damage, where the vehicle is still drivable, iScratch Smart Repairs offers these advantages:

  • Repairs completed within a day

  • An appointment at a time and place to suit you

  • Minimum delay from accident to repair completion

  • No need for an unfamiliar and expensive courtesy car

  • A well trained technician who explains face-to-face what's needed

  • Your being able to observe the work being done - whenever you like

  • Unconditional no-quibble lifetime ownership guarantee

  • Simple 'no surprises' pricing

  • Competitive rates

If within 15km of our premises in Kuils River, No, it's a fixed price for the repair according to the number of vehicle body panels damaged.

If not within 15km, we charge a fixed rate of R7.50 for each km above our FREE 15km.

Not preferred as it potentially could increase a few risk factors, but yes, if needed to, we can operate in most weather including rainy days.

However....Strong winds, with or without rain, will require rescheduling your repair. No temporary mobile shelter/gazebo are made for Hectic windy days and may result in damaging our equipment, but more important your vehicle!

Yes. If the appointment needs changing this is not a problem, but it would need to be 24 hours before the repair is due to take place. A late notice could make re-scheduling difficult therefore causing longer delays. The same applies should you need to cancel the appointment.

Please keep in mind that an alternative repair date might in most cases only be available 2 weeks from date of booking.

When we perform mobile paint repair work, only the highest quality paints and materials are used and the repair will, for the average untrained eye, not be noticeable afterwards.

Currently we work in the following areas in and around Cape Town:

- Atlantic Seaboard

- Boland

- Cape Town CBD

- False Bay

- Helderberg

- Northern Suburbs

- Southern Peninsula

- Southern suburbs